25 September

Inspiring coastal communities to take action for the sustainable development of the Mediterranean

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Join us in celebrating
Mediterranean Coast Day
on 25 September!

This annual event is dedicated to raising awareness about vital environmental issues affecting the region and emphasises the importance of safeguarding our coastlines for the benefit of future generations.

Since 2007, this initiative has evolved to encompass a broader range of themes, with a focus on the well-being of coastal and marine ecosystems and advocating for sustainable development.

2024 Action theme 
“Women’s wave for coastal sustainability”

Mediterranean Coast Day 2024 will spotlight the pivotal role of women in sustainable coastal management. By showcasing the achievements and insights of extraordinary women across the Mediterranean, we aim to inspire new perspectives, foster collaborative efforts, and strengthen our commitment to securing a greener future.

Join us in Algiers, Algeria!

The main celebration, jointly organised by PAP/RAC and the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy of Algeria, will feature panel discussions on re-evaluating our approach to sustainable coastal management from a women’s perspective. We will also showcase local stories and community-engaging strategies that drive positive change.

Why we chose to dedicate this year’s edition to women

By Daria Povh-Škugor (PAP/RAC Director) and Marko Prem (PAP/RAC Deputy Director)

We are delighted and proud to dedicate the 2024 edition of Mediterranean Coast Day to celebrating the vital roles women play in achieving coastal sustainability.

Our planet is facing a triple crisis: of climate, of nature, and of pollution. Here in the Mediterranean, the impacts of this global crisis are magnified, with our region warming 20% faster than the global average.

Women are at the forefront of this triple planetary crisis. They are so often the pillar supporting their families – ensuring access to food, water, education and more. As a result, they are disproportionately impacted by climate change, particularly in rural areas. UN Women report that rural women work harder and walk farther during times of drought and erratic rainfall to provide for their households. This heightened burden also increases their vulnerability to gender-based violence, which is exacerbated by climate-induced conflicts and inequalities.

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Women play a central role in societies and economies, where they often show a special ability to manage the multidimensional approaches required in our increasingly complex world. However, a recent UNEP report on coastal and marine management, policy and research highlights that “the contributions of women have historically been underestimated” and even “routinely ignored”.

At PAP/RAC we have been working towards the sustainable management and development of the Mediterranean coast since 1977, and we have collaborated with many amazing women along the way. We recognize that gender inequality remains an issue in our society, but our focus is on solutions and actions. With this in mind, this year’s Mediterranean Coast Day – dedicated to women – is a unique opportunity for women to share their stories and connect, inspiring others to take action.

 Plan Bleu’s 2020 report on the State of the Environment and Development in the Mediterranean found that “the gender gap to be closed in Mediterranean countries ranges from 20 to 43%, compared to 31% at the global level.”

Understanding gender dynamics is crucial when it comes to improving natural resource management on the Mediterranean coast. A recent study on Gender analysis for better coastal management highlights that a lack of knowledge about this large portion of resource users, their unequal representation in decision-making processes and managerial positions, and a general tendency to simplify gender-environment relationships can lead to ineffective or counterproductive management strategies. To close the gender gap on our coast, we recommend the following actions:

  • Promote gender balance in coastal management decision-making bodies.
  • Implement policies that promote gender parity in coastal management authorities and committees.
  • Introduce leadership programmes in schools and community centres focused on sustainable coastal management, and ensure they are accessible to girls and young women.
  • Facilitate the creation and growth of networks and associations for women in coastal management.
  • Establish indicators to monitor the progress of gender inclusion in coastal management.

 Men and women use the coastal and marine spaces differently, and their actions can have different environmental impacts. However, their contributions are complementary, and collaboration is essential.

 While this year’s focus is on women’s roles, gender equity can only be achieved if men and women work together. Mediterranean Coast Day is for everyone, and our combined efforts are essential to ensure a sustainable future for the unique coastline we share.


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 PAP RAC would like to give a special thanks to the GEF MedProgramme which is supporting this year’s event. Through its Gender Mainstreaming Strategy, GEF Med-Programme aims to promote sound environmental management that benefits women and men equally.


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