Resilience of the Mediterranean coast

The Mediterranean, one of the most fascinating regions in the world. . . The cradle of civilisations, destination for one-third of the world tourists, home to the ever-growing coastal population. This enclosed sea with almost tideless sea level variations and its mild, favourable climate, attracted the settlers for centuries, even when the port conditions weren’t perfect. With the rise of Mediterranean tourism intensive urbanisation happened on the Mediterranean coasts. A place to stay in summer is requested by huge share of world tourists, all wishing to enjoy unique Mediterranean beaches and transparent, fascinating sea.

How can we enhance the resilience of the Mediterranean coasts, one of the most densely urbanised coast of a closed sea? While the sea-level rise is accelerating, CO2 emissions keep growing and the real estate market is still considered a safe haven for the investors. Clearly, not an easy task. Therefore, this year, 2022 coastal resilience has been chosen as a central topic for our Coast Day campaign. We invite all those that have a stake in the future of the Mediterranean coast to join our efforts in sending the message – Coastal population should become the key ambassadors for climate action! Without mitigation and meeting the Paris agreement goals, it will be very hard to adapt. Maybe a retreat will be the only option for many of our coasts. Therefore, resilience is possible only if we get serious in our actions towards the climate, towards the nature.

Join our efforts and become the Ambassador for the resilience of the Mediterranean coasts.
Act for climate, act for nature!